The Workplace Without Borders

A media-centric enterprise productivity platform

Simply networks offices, projects, people, and files

A highly secure cloud based business platform

Hosted, private cloud or on-premise

Simple to deploy, cost effective and scalable

BizCloud solves 5 core problems

  • Secure access, sharing & delivery of company files
  • Effective scalable management of an ever growing amount of digital assets
  • Provide collaboration inside and outside the company firewall
  • Eliminate the inherent risks and inefficiencies of email, fax, courier services
  • Reduce complexities and cost of replacing legacy software and hardware

One integrated solution

  • File Management
  • Virtual Workspaces
  • Project Management
  • Tasks, Events, Approvals
  • Video Conferencing
  • Build, send, track video playlists
  • Build, send, track mixed file packages
  • Detailed activity menus
  • Granular user access permissions
  • Advanced search
  • Connect Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive


  • Bring your own storage
  • Bring your own servers
  • Private cloud or on-premise
  • BizCloud managed storage solutions
  • BizCloud managed hosting solutions